2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Scrambler

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When Jeep announced they were in development of a new pickup truck, there were rumors they would name it after the popular “Scrambler” model that was produced in the early 1980’s. While FCA ultimately chose “Gladiator” for the nameplate, the new pickup ushered in a new era in Jeep pickups. Built alongside the Wrangler at Jeep’s Toledo assembly plant, the Gladiator has lived up to the hype by becoming the most-capable off-road truck on the market today.

Jeep Gladiator Scrambler For Sale


History of the Scrambler

Jeep CJ8 Scrambler - Original

The Original Jeep Scrambler CJ-8 (pictured above) was a long-wheelbase version of Jeep’s popular CJ-7. The name “Scrambler” comes from the appearance package that included custom tape graphics and special wheels. Other notable features of the original CJ-8 Scrambler included a removable half cab, a traditional transfer case with manual front-locking hubs, and a 4-5 speed manual transmission (a 3-speed automatic transmission was also available.)  Introduced in 1981 and produced through 1986, the Scrambler remains an iconic vehicle in the Jeep lineage.


Easter Jeep Safari Scrambler Concept

Jeep Scrambler Concept

With the introduction of the Gladiator in 2019, Jeep unveiled a Jeep JT Scrambler concept as its annual Easter Jeep Safari special in Moab, Utah. Complete with retro-colored side stripes and the “Scrambler” name decaled on each side of the hood, Jeep built a modern off-road machine in tribute to the popular “Scrambler” name. One standout custom feature is the white tubular roll bar with mounted LED lights. Jeep engineered this concept for better off-road capability in the rugged Moab terrain. The JT Scrambler received a 2” lift, 37” off-road tires and 17” custom painted wheels.


Glenn’s Freedom Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Scrambler

The Jeep Experts at Glenn’s Freedom Jeep and the All-New Jeep Factory, took notice of the Easter Jeep Safari Scrambler. As both a way of paying homage to the “Scrambler” name and exhibiting our expertise at building custom, after-market Jeeps; we decided to undertake the project of re-creating Jeep’s concept while putting our own spin on it.

The Build

We started the build with a factory-conditioned white 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. We chose the Rubicon trim to deliver the most-capable off-road experience possible. Some notable off-road features on the Rubicon include:

-Tru-Lock Lockable Front and Rear Dana 44 Wide-Track Axles

-4:1 Rock-Trac Heavy Duty Part-Time 4WD System

-Electronic Sway Bar Disconnect

-Winch-Capable Steel Front Bumper

-Forward-Facing TrailCam

Jeep Scrambler Build

The first step of the Scrambler built was to send it off for a custom-built roll cage and spare tire mount. Big shout out to our friends at R&D Fabworks for the quality of work and attention to detail that we asked for.

Jeep Scrambler Build

Jeep Scrambler Build

Once the roll cage was installed, we powder coated the metal to match the color of the Scrambler and installed a spray-on bedliner complete with a lifetime warranty.

Jeep Scrambler Build

The next step was to add the “Scrambler look” to our build. The retro-inspired decals were custom designed here in Lexington, KY to match the look on the Easter Jeep Safari concept. We added Punk’N Metallic Orange and Nacho stripes on the hood and both sides of the vehicle as well as “Scrambler” lettering to both sides of the hood.

The final step of the build was to add accessories to outfit the vehicle for even the most rugged terrain. This is where our team of Jeep experts at Glenn’s Freedom Jeep and the All-New Jeep Factory shined. Notable accessories of the build include:

-2” Mopar Lift with Fox Racing Shocks

-37” Mud Terrain Tires

-17” Custom Painted Mopar Wheels

-Warn VR10 Winch

-Bull Bar on front bumper

-10 Mounted KC Lights (2 on front brush guard, 2 on A pillar, 6 on roll cage)

-Powder-Coated Tow Hooks (to match the decals)

-Black Diamond Stitched Leather Seats

-Powder-Coated Dash Bezel


Finished Product

Jeep Scrambler Jeep ScramblerJeep ScramblerJeep Scrambler Jeep Scrambler

For more photos of our Custom Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Scrambler, visit the photo album on our Glenn’s Freedom Jeep Facebook Page.


Check out our video as Jeep Sales Manager, Seth, explains details of the Custom Jeep Scrambler build.


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